Scent List

Our selected scents are a blend of floral beauties and fruity blends. We specialise in a limited range – with a focus on getting things just perfect. All of our scents are tested in each of our jar and canister ranges.

Apple Crumble – An all time favourite, just the way Grandma made it. Tangy
apple, with a hint of cinnamon with a light citrus top note.

Monkey Farts – Did you know that you can bottle a monkey’s farts? The sweet
smell of banana and pineapple  – what more could you ask for.

Champagne & Strawberry – A delicious combination of sweet strawberries and
only the best variety of champagne. Put them together and you have pure bliss!

Nectarine & Mint – A mouthwatering blend of juicynectarines that
smell like they have grown on your mum’s fruit trees. Mixed with crisp mint leaves.

Vanilla Caramel – When only hit of vanilla is not enough, you just need to add some
more, a little bit of caramel! Pure & simple – it’s a classic.

Japanese Honeysuckle – A traditional floral smell – with a sweet oriental twist.
Mixed in with a tiny bit of honey.

French Pear – The smell of a trip to the south of France in a candle – yes please!
Fresh pears mixed with a hint of creamy vanilla.

Sweet Rose – A beautiful bunch of white roses never smelled so sweet! fresh and
bright, with a hint of crisp lemon.

Coconut & Lime – A sweet blend of fresh coconuts straight from the tree with a tang of lime.

Burnt Fig – Figs straight from the tree squashed and put into a candle, then add a few traces of flowers and you’re good to go!