About Us

About Our Little Business...

Pixie and Co Candles was an idea, a thought, a dream and now reality! I love everything interior design and never miss an opportunity to wander around the small boutiques and markets of Adelaide.

Making candles has always been a dream of mine - to create something unique and changeable to the interior fashion. My candles aren't just a glass jar... they are a statement piece. I use canisters sourced from home design stockists that just pop in any kitchen, living room or bathroom. But I didn't stop there...

Quotes to live by...as a teacher (by day) I constantly use the words of others to motivate my middle school students in believing in themselves, their choices...and just to feel a little bit brighter when life seems tough. I wanted to put this into my business model - and so my quote candles were born! These candles are printed on foil vinyl labels that are designed, printed and foiled by me - this makes them unique to Pixie and Co and even can be customised if there are words you live by.

The story behind Pixie and Co- everyone has a story...I know I know...but I wanted my business to be a family thing, something that I know, that others might not. Growing up my youngest brother was small and used to play fairies with me - being a boy we called him 'Pixie'. When I look back at these memories they were happy, with the scents of my mum and grandma's garden. I wanted to replicate that - make it real again.

So Pixie and Co was born - to make a little light, to make a little happiness and to make all of your houses smell AMAZING!

“We do not need magic to change the world, we carry all the power we need inside ourselves already: we have the power to imagine better.”
JK Rowling
“Some believe it is only great power that can hold evil in check, but that is not what I have found. It is the small everyday deeds of ordinary folk that keep the darkness at bay. Small acts of kindness and love."